Travel Off The Beaten Track

At TRAVEL NAVIGATORS, we understand every traveller has different reasons to explore the world and we strive to create a unique vacation that fits your personality.

The world has become much smaller in the last few decades with all of the advancement in technology and modes of travel.  The traditional vacation styles of all-inclusive resorts, cruising and  guided trips don’t always fit your travel desires.  Here's just a small sample of what awaits you on a "soft adventure" vacation around the world where the details are looked after so you focus on the experience.

  Please keep in mind, we are unable to list every opportunity or style of adventure so reach out to us and let us work for you!

Walking, Hiking & Trekking Adventures

Each journey may begin with a single step and with a walking, hiking or trekking vacation you will be immersed into the culture and natural beauty of your destination.  For these vacations you need to bring your sense of adventure and legs as many of the details are already looked after. During these vacations you will have the opportunity to view and experience many things a “typical tourist” would miss.  From the European Alps to the Amalfi Coast or the Camino de Santiago in Spain,  From the Inca Trail & Machu Picchu to Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa or the exotic regions of Asia, the travel advisors at TRAVEL NAVIGATORS can assist you finding the right style of vacation for you.


Cycling Vacations

Whether you ride for the breeze, the fitness, the transportation or the suffering of it all, there is a cycling vacation for riders of all ages. Have you dreamt of riding the rolling hills of Tuscany or the challenge of Le Tour de France’s various routes? Maybe it’s the majestic Rocky Mountains or the scenery of the California coastline that is calling out to you? From small friendly groups with a leader right along beside you on a smooth road to an independent self-guided riding experience throughout the world, a cycling vacation allows you to experience a destination in ways that a regular traveller would miss.

At TRAVEL NAVIGATORS, we get to know your riding style, comfort level and expectations enabling us to recommend the top itineraries that may include every detail so all you need to concentrate on is riding down to the simplest itinerary that consists of flights, accommodations and a route map.