Adventures by Disney - Let's Journey Together

When you travel to worldwide destinations on an Adventures by Disney vacation you do much more than sightsee. You experience firsthand the people and cultures of the places you visit—and you do so with the service, VIP experiences and unique local opportunities you can only expect from Disney.

Patrick Cullinane, owner of TRAVEL NAVIGATORS, was honoured with an amazing opportunity in December 2013 to travel to South Africa for special training with Adventures by Disney. Disney’s legendary story telling combined with their attention to detail and the ability to open doors to venues unavailable to an independent traveller allows families to focus on creating a lifetime of memories.

With over 17 years of planning vacations for families, Patrick has never experienced a trip that was so inclusive, yet felt seamless and carefree as an Adventure by Disney vacation.

Disney Authorized Vacation Planner


A Vacation You Must Experience

You feel the "magic" when you enter a Disney Theme Park and on an Adventures by Disney journey, the moment you meet your guides, the "magic" happens.  It's a feeling that means something different to each person, yet we all understand the sense when you hear the word.  As you explore the links on this page, you will hop to our Adventures by Disney mini-site that has all the latest programs, itineraries and insight on what makes these vacations memorable.

The travel advisors at TRAVEL NAVIGATORS are able to show you the value, share "insider's" tips and assist you in choosing the best destination for your next "adventure."