We all dream of the perfect family vacation that allows everyone to unwind, reconnect, laugh and be amazed!


How Do You Plan The Perfect Family Vacation?

In today’s busy world, just spending quality time with our children can be tough. When you do find a moment to sit down at a computer, there are dozens of online sites to check, vacation styles, airline tickets with points or purchase, hotel options, attractions and so much more to consider that frustration soon begins.

The answer is simple, let the team of travel advisors at TRAVEL NAVIGATORS work for you and your family. Each of us are parents ourselves so we understand the importance of creating a vacation experience that includes something for every member of your family.


The moment you contact us, we focus on understanding the purpose for your family vacation. No matter the size of the family, we want to know what makes the perfect vacation for each of you. From here we can walk through the perks and benefits of the various vacation styles such as theme parks, cruises, all-inclusive resorts, guided tours, independent tours, river cruising and even adventure tours.

When considering your vacation, we understand price plays an important factor in the process. Yet a family vacation that creates life-long memories comes from a vacation full of exceptional value which is where TRAVEL NAVIGATORS excels. When presenting your vacation options, we are able to explain the “hidden values” of each option so that you are able to make an informed decision. This is something an online booking engine cannot do!

Theme Parks

A theme park vacation has to be the most common family vacation as you will find an event, ride, show or attraction for everyone.  Yet the question quickly becomes which park is best and how long to visit while still offering relaxation.  The travel advisors of TRAVEL NAVIGATORS have visited all of the major Florida parks as well as well as the "original" Disneyland in California.  Being Authorized Disney Vacation planners, we understand the “ins/outs” of a Disney vacation and excel as matching your wishes to a magical vacations.  If you are in need of planning a theme park vacation, then you have found the right place.


Universal Orlando has been developing quickly over the past few years with new rides, attractions, resorts, special events and even a new water park coming soon.  There is great "hidden" value in staying at a Universal resort while  exploring the parks.  If you are looking for an "oasis" while in Florida, than we recommend Discovery Cove for the day which comes with outstanding benefits that extend to Seaworld and Aquatica.  Just a day trip from Orlando, Busch Gardens awaits you with a mix of wildlife and top rides.



Explore the world onboard your “floating hotel/resort” as cruise ships today offer so many activities, onboard entertainment, dining and cabin options there is the perfect ship for each family.  Answering that question of which cruise line is best for your family is where the travel advisors at TRAVEL NAVIGATORS excel.  Over the years we have sailed on many of the top cruise lines with our families and have found the most memorable are Disney Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Lines.

Even though we work closely with the 3 cruise lines for families, there are still options available that allow you to explore the world with unique itineraries or smaller ships. When planning a family cruise, we always compare all options with the various cruise lines to ensure you have a memorable experience.

Guided Vacations

A vacation experience awaits you and your family that is truly stress and worry free.  Imagine all you have to focus on during this vacation is enjoying quality time with your family!  That's it because every aspect of the vacation is handled by professionals which means from your transfers to luggage handling, to accommodations, to driving/parking, most meals, entrance to the top attractions/sight seeing and local guides are set into an itinerary that truly maximizes your time.  Once your daily sight seeing is completed, there is still plenty of free time for you and your family to explore some amazing destinations on your own.  By the end of this vacation you will have felt as if you truly lived like a local and were not just a tourist.

Every itinerary offers select activities that ensure your children are having so much fun and meeting new friends that they don't even realize they are learning about history, culture or art.  They just know the memories will last a lifetime.  The world truly awaits your family with these vacations so let's figure out how much adventure, activity and exotic destination is right.  At TRAVEL NAVIGATORS, we have a strong relationship with 3 outstanding companies that excel at family guided vacations, yet we are constantly researching a variety of companies that offer "off the beaten track" itineraries.

Resorts and All Inclusive

When you are looking for beach time to just unwind and reconnect, there are dozens of destinations and hundreds of resorts to choose from for your family.  Online travel sites are always flashing "last minute" offers to family friendly resorts, yet through the years, at TRAVEL NAVIGATORS, we have come to find a consistently high level of satisfaction from Beaches Resorts in the Caribbean and Aulani (A Disney Resort) in Hawaii.   

As soon as you arrive at a Beaches Resort or Aulani, you are welcomed into the "family".  The children programs offered will have your kids wanting to spend their days with their new found friends which means more "adult" time at the beach, pool or spa.  Concerned about dining?  There's no need as you will find many options from casual to fine dining with menus that have something for all ages.  Night time entertainment offers a variety from camp fires to movies on the beach to dance parties for all ages.  Oh and did we forget to mention the pools, waterslides and water sports, well let's just say, no one is disappointed with the choices.