River Cruising...The Best of Ocean and Land Vacations

A river cruise vacation allows you to experience some of the world’s most scenic and historic rivers all with the comfort of your floating hotel. When in Europe you have a choice of sailing the Danube, Rhine, Main, Seine, Mosel and Rhone which allows you to visit iconic cities and hidden gems in “the heart of Europe”. For the more adventurous or “off the beaten path” traveler, there are sailings in Portugal, Vietnam and Cambodia, Myanmar, and Africa.

Today’s river cruise ships are elegant vessels, that reflect many aspects of a traditional ocean cruise, yet the scale is much smaller. The smaller river cruise ship results in a higher staff to guest ratio creating a higher level of guest services as staff gets to know the likes/dislikes of their onboard guests quickly. Other advantages with an average maximum of 140-190 guests onboard are shorter lines to embark/disembark, open dining, customized walking tours and the opportunity for guests to meet/mingle with one another in a very relaxed atmosphere.

Value is more than just a price!

The value of sailing the rivers of the world, viewing historical and scenic landmarks all with outstanding accommodations, dining and guest service is hard to rival with any other vacation style. Just like a traditional ocean cruise, there are many river cruise lines to choose from which can overwhelm you when trying to decide what your best option would be.  Also many times when considering a river cruise for the first time, the price is what “jumps” off the page right away causing some to believe they can do it for less on their own.

When you work with a travel advisor from TRAVEL NAVIGATORS, we get to know you and your travel dreams.  We can remove the stress of the price, confusion between the river cruise lines/ships and present you with the "hidden values" of each option.  In the end, a river cruise will have you paying less by the time you return home over trying to go it alone.


When it comes to planning your river cruise, we work with some of the top companies currently sailing the rivers of the world.  Our partnership with these companies enable us to maximize your vacation investment resulting in memories of a lifetime.  Yet at the same time, we constantly research the newest companies in the market so just because you don't see a specific river cruise company here does not mean we can't assist you!