Protecting Your Vacation Investment

Even when you’ve planned your trip down to the last detail, the unexpected can happen, so it’s best to be prepared.

At TRAVEL NAVIGATORS our focus is to ensure your vacation is a smooth as possible so understanding travel insurance is just as vital as which airline, cruise, hotel or tour you choose for your travels. 

In today's world, we all have a choice when it comes to travel insurance as it is offered through banks, credit cards and our employers.  Yet how many of us actually take the time to understand the eligibility, requirements, risks/benefits and limitations of these policies?   

From our experience in planning vacations, the question is not "if the unexpected occurs...", the question is "when will the unexpected occur".  At TRAVEL NAVIGATORS, we have seen vacation plans affected by illness, the passing of a loved one, airlines going out of business, weather delays, world events, strikes, travel advisories, schedule changes and more.  We don't wish any of these on our clients, yet we deal with these issues on a regular basis and with the correct insurance coverage, the issues are quickly resolved.

If you do not understand your coverage prior to travel, not only will there be added stress during your unexpected issue, additional costs can quickly add up!

The worst time to find your coverage is not what you expected is when you are in an emergency.

At TRAVEL NAVIGATORS,  we work with Allianz Global Assistance to offer customized travel insurance to protect your vacation! 

Due to the various Canadian Provincial Insurance Boards regulations, we are unable to post specific details regarding the travel insurance options.  We invite you to reach out to your travel advisor so they can discuss the best options available to protect your vacation investment!